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Cr20Ni80 Nichrome Electric Heating Wire 20/80

Cr20Ni80 Nichrome Electric Heating Wire 20/80

Nichrome, wire, cr20ni80 manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Cr20Ni80 Nichrome Electric Heating Wire 20/80, 4J29 Kovar Iron-Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Heating Wire, V-57 Fe-Ni -Cr Based Superalloy and so on.

Product Details

If you're interested in our cr20ni80 nichrome electric heating wire 20/80 made in China, welcome to buy the quality and durable product from our factory. We're one of the leading Hot Products manufacturers and suppliers in China, also supporting customized production. Check the price list and quotation with us now.

Production Description:

Such electrothermal alloy has stable structure and electrical physical property. It has so good high temperature mechanical property, fine cold plastic deformation and weldableness that brittle fracture won't occur even used for long. The alloy is widely used in manufacturing the household appliances and heating element whose working temperature is below 1000oC. Moreover, it has long lifespan.


Main chemical
Using temperature
(max)  oC
Melding point  oC14001380139013901390
Density g/cm 38.408.108.207.907.90
Resistivity μΩ@m, 20 oC1.09±0.051.18±0.051.11±0.051.04±0.051.04±0.05
Specific heat J/g.oC0.4400.4610.4940.5000.500
Thermal conductivity KJ/m.h  oC60.345.245.243.843.8
Coefficient of linear expansion
a×10 -6oC  (20~1000 oC  )
Magnetismnon magneticnon magneticnon magnetictracetrace

Also, with advanced equipment and technology, we can serve you other products as follows:
1. Super alloys (Casting master alloy, deformation super alloy and so on).
2. Corrosion resistant alloy.
3. Welding wire.
4. Precision alloys (soft magnetic alloy, expansion alloy and so on).
5. High resistance alloys for electrical heating.

Our advantage:
1. Experienced manufacturer
2. Stable products and service quality
3. Timely delivery
4. Good technology support
5. Win-win cooperation opportunity

Hot-rolled bar: Φ 8~38mm
Cold-drawn bar: ≤ 50mm
Forging bar: Φ 38~350mm

Wire: Φ 0.1mm~18mm

Cold-rolled strip: 0.15~4× 200mm
Hot-rolled strip: 4~22× 200mm

Cold-rolled sheet: 0.5~4× 1000× 2000mm
Hot-rolled sheet: 4~22× 1000× 2000mm

Feel free to send inquiry, and you will get a quick reply. Look forward to cooperating with any willing purchaser.

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