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Application of copper alloy

Jun 05, 2017

Power transmission

Power transmission requires a large number of high conductivity of copper, mainly used in power wire and cable, Busbar, transformers, switches, connectors and connectors and so on. According to this standard laying cable, although the installation fee is low, but in the long-term use process, the resistance energy consumption is relatively big. "" The Best Cable section "" Standard, the combination of one installation costs and energy consumption these two factors, appropriate amplification cable size, in order to achieve energy saving and the best comprehensive economic benefits. According to the new standard, the cable section is often more than 1 time times the old standard, can get about 50% of the energy-saving effect.

Motor Manufacturing

High-conductivity and high-strength copper alloys are widely used in motor manufacturing. The main copper site is the stator, rotor and shaft first class. In large motors, the windings should be cooled by water or hydrogen, known as dual-cooled or hydrogen-cooled motors, which require large-length hollow wires.

Communication cable

Since the 80 's, because of the advantages of large fiber cable carrying capacity and so on, it has been replaced by copper cable in the communication trunk line. However, converting electricity into light energy and entering a user's line still requires a lot of copper. With the development of communications, people rely more and more on communication, the demand for fiber-optic cables and copper wires will increase.

Residential Electrical Wiring

With the improvement of the living standard of our people, household appliances are rapidly popularized, and residential power consumption is increasing rapidly. As shown in Figure 6.6, 1987, the residential electricity consumption of 26.96 billion degrees (l degrees = 1-kilowatt hours), 10 years after the 1996 year rose to 113.1 billion degrees, an increase of 3.2 times times. Still, there is a big gap compared to the developed world. For example, the United States in 1995 per capita electricity consumption is 14.6 times times that of our country, Japan is 8.6 times times the country. There is still a great development in the power consumption of the residents in China. It is expected to grow L times from 1996 to 2005.

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