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Foundry Technology of copper alloy

Jun 05, 2017

The crystallization characteristics of various components of CU alloy are different, casting properties are different, and the casting process is different.

1, Tin bronze: crystallization is characterized by a large temperature range, the solidification area is wide. Casting performance of poor fluidity, easy to produce shrinkage, not easy to oxidize. The process is characterized by directional solidification (sequential solidification), complex thin-walled parts and general wall-thickness parts to be solidified at the same time.

2, aluminum bronze and aluminum brass: crystallization is characterized by a small temperature range, for the formation of a layer of solidification characteristics. The casting performance has good fluidity, which is easy to form a concentrated shrinkage cavity and is very easy to oxidize. The process is characterized by the aluminum bronze pouring system for the bottom injection, the aluminum brass pouring system is open.

3, silicon brass: crystallization characteristic is between tin bronze and aluminum bronze. Casting performance is best (in special brass). The process is characterized by sequential solidification process, medium-injection gating system, small size of dark riser.

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