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Introduction to Copper alloys

Jun 05, 2017

Brass with zinc as the main addition of elements of copper alloy, with beautiful yellow, collectively known as brass. Copper and zinc two-yuan alloy called ordinary brass or simple brass. More than ternary brass is called special brass or complex brass. The brass alloy, with a zinc lower than 36%, is composed of solid solution and has a good cold working performance, such as brass with a zinc 30% is often used to make shell casings, commonly known as casing brass or 73 brass.

The brass alloy containing zinc between the 36 consists of a solid solution, the most common of which is 64 brass containing 40% zinc. In order to improve the performance of ordinary brass, other elements such as aluminum Shan nickel Shan manganese Shan tin Shan Shan lead are often added. Aluminum can improve the strength of brass Shan hardness and corrosion resistance, but reduce plasticity, suitable for the sea liner and other corrosion-resistant parts. Tin can improve the strength of brass and corrosion resistance to seawater, it is called Navy brass, used as a marine thermal equipment and propellers. Lead can improve the cutting performance of brass; this easy-cutting brass is used as a clock part. Brass castings are often used to make valves and piping fittings. Marine fire hydrant explosion-proof crescent wrench, is made of brass and aluminum.

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