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Related connections of expanded alloys

Jun 05, 2017

1. Fe-ni-Co glass sealing alloy Feni 29co17

Brand: 4j 29 (Kovar) is also known as the cutting alloy (Fe54, Ni29 and Co17), and its expansion coefficient is 4.7x10 6 Shan.

Executive Standard: YB 5231-93

Use: for making matching with hard glass. Suitable for transmitting tube, oscillating tube, ignition tube, transistor and tube sealing plug, relay casing and other electrical vacuum devices. There is a certain linear expansion coefficient in the temperature range of 60 Shan Shumpi 400 Shan, and can be securely sealed with hard glass.

Supply status: Strip, wire, round steel, forgings

2. Porcelain Seal alloy Brand: Vacodil42, 4jo 4 34

Executive Standard: YB 5234-93

Use: Used for making ceramic sealing. It is suitable for matching sealing of electro-vacuum devices and $number $literal ceramics. The coefficient of line expansion is similar to that of 95 Al 203 ceramics in the temperature range of 60 Shan Super 600 Shan.

Supply status: Strip, wire, round steel, forgings.

3. Low-expansion alloy FeNi36, FENI32CU, tile alloy

Brand: 4jam 32 4jam 38, Executive standard: YB 5241-93 product performance characteristics are mainly used in: the production of the environment temperature change in the size of the high-precision requirements of the instrument parts with 4jam 32 alloy and High-temperature low expansion 4 40 alloy and easy to cut 4 38 alloy. 4j 36 Its thermal expansion coefficient is very low, can maintain a fixed length within a wide temperature range

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