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Special properties of copper alloys

Jun 05, 2017

(1) Excellent physical and chemical properties of pure copper conductivity, thermal conductivity is excellent, copper alloy conductivity, thermal conductivity is also very good. Copper and copper alloys have high corrosion resistance to the atmosphere and water. Copper is an anti magnetic substance.

(2) Good processing performance plasticity is very good, easy to cold, hot forming, casting copper alloy has good casting performance.

(3) with some special mechanical properties such as good antifriction and wear resistance (such as bronze and some brass), high elasticity limit and fatigue limit (such as beryllium bronze, etc.).

(4) Beautiful color 2, (copper)

Pure copper is a rose-red metal, the surface of the formation of oxidized copper film is purple, so industrial pure copper is often called copper or electrolytic cu. Density for 8-9g Cm ², Melting point of 1083 °c. Pure copper has good conductivity and is used to make wires, cables, electric brush and so on; good thermal conductivity, often used for the production of magnetic equipment to prevent magnetism interference, instrumentation, such as compass, aviation instrumentation, etc. plastic excellent, easy to hot pressing and cold pressure processing, can be made into tubes, rods, lines, strips, belts, plates, foil and other copper. Pure copper products have two kinds of smelting and processing.

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