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The main uses and applications of nickel alloys

Jun 05, 2017

The use of nickel alloys is mainly:

1. Valve seals. It has excellent properties of antioxidation, high temperature resistance and vulcanization resistance.

2. Spraying material. Nickel alloys are widely used in energy development, chemicals, electronics, navigation, aerospace and other sectors.

Second, the application of nickel alloy industry mainly include:

1. Heat treatment industry. such as Furnace roller, bell-type furnace and annealing furnace.

2. Calciner. If used to calcine the production of High-performance corundum, calcined chromite, in order to produce chromium ferroalloy, recycling in petrochemical industry as a catalyst for nickel.

3. Chemical and petrochemical industry, the preparation of new steam cracking crude gasoline furnace to produce hydrogen.

4. Automation devices. such as the catalytic support system, spark plugs.

5. Cleaning equipment for nuclear industry, such as nuclear waste removal.

6. Steel industry. such as direct reduction of iron ore process, production of sponge

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