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What is titanium steel?

Jun 05, 2017

Titanium Steel

At present, there are many in China called titanium Steel Jewelry, the material is not titanium, stainless steel, to attract people called Titanium steel, some even called titanium alloy jewelry, is actually titanium-free stainless steel jewelry.

One of the most common stainless steel jewelry known as titanium steel material is 316L stainless steel, and some manufacturers call it 316L International standard Titanium, in fact, 316L is a stainless steel number, is on the basis of 316 stainless steel continue to reduce carbon content, compared to the general stainless steel is more expensive, corrosion resistance is strong, suitable for skin contact jewelry, the main ingredient is Fe, Cr, Ni, MO, there is no titanium.

However, almost a long time no deformation, discoloration, in the common stainless steel, known as "Titanium Steel" 316L steel is the most suitable for jewelry.

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