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Alloy 718 Used In Oil & Gas

Jul 29, 2017

Alloy 718 has unique combination of strength in room temperature and also has aqueous corrosion resistance which make it a candidate for oilfield fasteners, valves, drill tools and completion equipment.


As alloy 718 is deformation material, so it can be produced to a wide range of bar sizes. The size range we can do is from 8mm-350mm.


Because that oil and gas well environments became more severe, stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement failures in production equipment were experienced. This drove the evolution of the chemistry and microstructure that distinguishes today's oilfield grade 718 from aerospace grades.


Normal property of alloy 718 is chemical, strength in room temperature, strength in high temperature, creep rupture, hardness, grain size, non-metallic inclusion and so on.


Offshore production from deep sour fields created a demand for stronger, more corrosion resistant alloys has led to the development of new alloys that have begun to erode 718's market share. The last section of the paper describes these new alloys.

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