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Li Baomin: Let China's Non-ferrous Metals Industry Into The Ranks Of Manufacturing Power

Jun 05, 2017

Under the backdrop of global economic growth, China has ushered in a key one-year link between the "Thirteen-Five" plan, and the capacity will be expanded, including the lagging capacity of many new industries such as non-ferrous metals. The "remnant" is the king, to truly at the end of "Thirteen-Five", let China's non-ferrous metals industry into the ranks of manufacturing power, I think that the color enterprises have the responsibility to continue to promote the supply side of structural reform as the main line, to deepen the enterprise reform, to eliminate excess capacity, increase effective supply to nurture new development power.

In 2016, Jiang Copper group in the domestic copper industry continue to maintain a leading position, there is an important reason is that we have achieved through the quality enhancement of the foundation, consolidating the cost advantage, enhance profitability and competitiveness. At the same time, we actively respond to the country's supply side reform, in reducing the lack of competitiveness of smelting capacity at the same time, the initiative to integrate "Internet +", intelligent manufacturing, to accelerate the transformation of modern manufacturing enterprises. The industry's capacity to go is not meant to be productive, but to develop advanced production capacity. 2016, Jiang Copper became the only domestic copper industry approved a batch of intelligent chemical plant pilot demonstration Enterprises, "Internet +" mine intelligent Cloud Service platform construction project is also included in the national "Internet +" major project investment plan. These two projects are now accelerating, I am confident that in the near future, Jiang Copper will realize the leap-forward development of intelligent manufacturing.

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