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Processing And Use Of Pure Titanium

Jun 05, 2017

Processing of pure Titanium

Pure titanium processing should normally undergo two vacuum (at least once in the vacuum consumable electrode arc furnace) smelting, the castings are usually produced in a vacuum shell furnace. Industrial pure titanium can withstand both heat processing and cold processing.

Because the titanium is easy to absorb oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, so that the plastic reduction and performance deterioration, so in heating must be careful to keep the atmosphere in the furnace neutral or weak oxidizing atmosphere, as far as possible to avoid the use of reductive atmosphere, not to allow the use of hydrogen heating. The process of forging, extruding, rolling and stretching can be carried out on the usual equipment, and the temperature range of the hot processing is 800. During cold processing, intermediate annealing should be performed when the cold processing rate reaches a certain value (e.g. $number).

Second, the main use of pure titanium:

1, Titanium PLATE:

1 Glasses Board (pure titanium): 0.8.8 0mm;

2) Standard plate (pure titanium): 1 X 2m thickness: 0.5-20mm;

3 Electroplating and other industry board (pure titanium): 0.1-50mm;

4) Beta-Titanium PLATE: 0.5-4.0mm.

Application Industries: Electronics, chemicals, watches and clocks, eyewear, jewelry, sporting goods, machinery and equipment, electroplating equipment, environmental equipment, golf and precision processing.

2. Titanium Tube

Titanium Tube Specification: φ 6-φ 120mm wall thickness: 0.3 3 0mm.

Application industry: Environmental protection equipment, cooling tubes, titanium heating pipes, electroplating equipment, rings and a variety of precision electrical appliances, etc.

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Processing And Use Of Pure Titanium
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