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What Is Resistance Heating Alloy

Jun 05, 2017

Mainly electric alloy, precision resistance alloy, strain resistance alloy and thermistor alloy.

(1) Electrothermal alloy, mainly CR series and Fe-Cr system, such as 20CR 80ni alloy, large resistivity, mainly used as heating elements of electric furnace;

(2) The precision resistance alloy mainly has the-system, the amination system, the CR system and the precious metal alloy system, has the very small resistance temperature coefficient, mainly uses in the precision resistance element.

(3) Strain resistance alloys include copper base, nickel base, iron-based and precious metal alloys, such as the strain of copper alloys (Cu-Ni) commonly used at ambient temperature and 250 Shan.

(4) Thermistor alloy has a series of cobalt base, nickel base and iron base alloy, such as 50ni-10co alloy.

An alloy conductive material having a certain resistivity.

Usually can be divided into precision resistors with resistance alloy, rheostat resistance alloy and heating body used resistance alloy. The thermal resistance alloy of the precision resistor is low, generally at room temperature, such as manganese copper, Ni-cr alloy, etc. the heat resistance alloy of rheostat is generally not more than the temperature. 500 °c, such as nickel copper, Kang copper and so on; the heating temperature of the resistance alloy can reach 1400? °c, such as Fe-CR alloy, nickel-chromium alloy and so on.

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